Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat

Burn Your Belly Fat

In this era, everyone wants to look healthy and fit. Fitness is the main priority of everyone, no, matter women or men. Belly fat is a significant problem. Everyone wants to burn belly fat to gain some looks and look healthy and fit. 

Abdominal fats affect your appearance and increase the risk of diseases. Belly fat s dangerous for your health. It surrounds the vital organs of our body, and it is the cause of many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Belly fat is the home of diseases. 

If you want to burn your abdominal fat, you are in the right place. We will discuss how to burn belly fat and suggest some exercises and moves that can help you lose your belly fat. We will discuss eight particular workouts and activities to eliminate belly fat quickly. We will explore a variety of exercises that specifically target the abdominal region.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are a great exercise to burn abdominal fat

Bicycle crunches are a great exercise to burn abdominal fat and for abs. It targets both the upper and lower abdominals. Here's how you can perform bicycle crunches.

  • Lie on the mat, bend your knees, and put your hands behind your head, elbow pointing to the sides. The feet should be straight on the floor.

  • Lift your shoulders off the ground, connecting with your center muscles. This will be your beginning position.

  • Start by raising your upper body off the floor while bringing your right knee to your chest. Rotate your body to the right simultaneously, bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Your left leg is supposed to be stretched and raised.

  • Straight your right leg while bringing your left knee to your chest, twisting your torso to the left, and taking your right elbow to your left knee. At this point, your right leg be extended and lifted.

  • Keeping your spine engaged always, maintain alternating this cycling motion to simulate riding a bicycle.

  • On every rotation, aim to get your opposing elbow to the knee of the other leg, but if you can't, rotate as far as you can comfortably without strain.

  • Repeat it according to your desired number.


Mountain climbing is a challenging exercise, but it is very effective. It not only targets abdominal muscle, but it also targets your shoulders and legs. It is a challenging exercise, so be careful while performing it. Here is the step to achieve it.

  • Start with a high plank position, hands directly under your shoulders and legs stretched behind you. From head to toe, your body should make a straight line.

  • Draw your belly button towards your core to activate your core muscles. This will help you balance and protect your lower back throughout the activity.

  • Keep a straight path between your upper body and your hips. Prevent letting your hips drop or raise them excessively.

  • Keep your spine neutral by not rounding or arching your back too much. This reduces the chance of strain or damage.

  • Avoid collapsing your shoulders towards your ears and keeping them perfectly over your hands.


Legraisse workout targets your lower abdomen and hips

Legraisse workout targets your lower abdomen and hips. 

  • Lay comfortably on a mat for exercise or another flat surface. Your arms should be along your body with your hands facing down. Your legs should be fully extended. This will be where you start.

  • Draw your belly button wards your spine to activate your core muscles. Because of this, the workout will be easier to keep stable.

  • Lift your feet towards the ceiling while maintaining a straight line with your legs. Start the movement by flexing your lower abdominal muscles.

  • Lift your legs higher and higher until they are parallel to the floor or til your lower abdomen stretches comfortably. Make an "L" shape with your body.

  • Reverse the movement by slowly and carefully lowering your legs to the starting position. Don't let your legs sink abruptly.

  • Repeat the movement for as many reps or as long as you like.


Crunch is the classical exercise you will love to do it. Its direct effects on your abdominal fat.

  • Lay down on a mat on the mat on your back with your knees bent and your feet straight.

  • Either your hands over your chest or place your hands behind your head.

  • Draw your belly button towards your core to activate your body.

  • Curl your shoulders towards your hips while slowly raising your upper body.

  • At the peak, pause briefly while feeling your abs contract.

  • Controlled lower back descent as you submit your upper body again.

  • Repeat as many times as you can easily.


Plank is an exercise that directly affects your legs, arms, and abdomen. 

  • Put your face down on the ground to get started.

  • Your hands should be in front of you while your elbows are directly beneath your head, palms of your hands should face the floor.

  • Keeping on your toes, extend the legs behind you. From head to heels, your body should be in a straight line.

  • Draw your belly button towards the lower back to activate your core muscles.

  • Keep a flat back and keep rising or permitting your hips to sag.

  • Hold on to this posture for the required length of time.

  • Keep your breathing constant as you do the workout.

Russian Twist

Russian twist targets the transverse abdominal.

  • Kneel on the ground and place your feet firmly on the surface. Lean back a little while ensuring your back is straight and your abs are tight.

  • Using your sit bones as support, raise your feet off the ground. Your lower legs should parallel the floor, and your upper legs should be bent. This is where everything begins.

  • Optional: You can hold a weight in front of your chest with both hands, such as a medicine ball, if you want to up the intensity.

  • Bring the weight of your hands next to your right hip by engaging your core muscles and rotating your torso to the right. Throughout the exercise, keep your chest open and your back straight.

  • After a moment's thought to the right, turn your body to the left side and put your body weight or your hands next to your left hip.

  • Exhale as you twist and inhale, and return to the center position as you alternate this side-to-side twisting motion.

  • Aim for smooth, controlled movement while keeping a constant pace.


In your training program, involving movements like crunches, leg raises, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, planks, and Russian twists can help you lose belly fat and tone your core muscles. To observe results, consistency, and appropriate form are essential. Always pay attention to your body, gradually build up the intensity, and seek professional advice. Combine these workouts with a balanced diet and general fitness program for the best results in developing a toned and healthy stomach.

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